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About Your Fungus Nail Infection


A common form of a nail infection is caused by a fungus and given the name of onychomycosis. It is a common nail and skin infection, easy to contract difficult to treat.A? Recognized at first under the nail it may also infect the surrounding tissue, whether it is the finger or the toe.


Depending on the area that is infected will depend on how fast the fungus will be recognized.A? For an older individual, and read more...

Uncommon Fungus Infections of the Great Toe


Fungus infections of the nails, the great toe, can be caused by a number of different pathogens.A? One of the most uncommon (get ready for the big words) is a nondermatophyte mold.A? We wona??t go into the name of the three most common molds, it isna??t necessary to know.


The above mentioned type of mold, and there are molds everywhere, is important as it is found mainly in soil and decaying plant material.A? This is a very rare type of fungus infection.A? The ability to actually diagnosis this is important as nail infections are difficult to treat and even harder to cure.A? Diagnosis is made by microscopic read more...

To Prevent a Fungus Infection, Do Your Own Manicure


One definition of a well-groomed a??lovelya?? lady is beautiful well cared for hands.A? They are sometimes the first thing that is noticed about a woman when she is introduced and extends her hand for a hand shake.A? Or perhaps she has met a very romantic man who is about to kiss her hand. The last thing she wants is to present a hand with a finger adorned with a deformed, unsightly nail the result read more...

The Encyclopedia of Fungus Nail Infections


There are several words important to know when speaking about nail fungus infections.A? The word mycosis is used to define any disease caused by a fungus, no matter what is the site.A? The specific term for a fungus nail infection is onychomycosis a?? pronounced on-i-ko-mi-KO-sis, use it and impress your friends with the a??biga?? words.


Fungus infections of the nail, once acquired are difficult to treat and cure.A? They are also gravitate easily to other finger and toe nails. The first sign will be a red or yellow spot that emerges at the tip of the nail.A?A? Quickly there will read more...

Nail Health for Today and Tomorrow-Fungus and Other Problems