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Patints whdnot spond adquatly tth stating dosag at 2 wks thapy, placing th cunt stngth ADVAI DISKUS with a high stngth may povid additional impovmnt in asthma contol.

Dnot us this mdicin ttat whzing that is gtting wos. Call you doctight away i whzing wosns whil using this mdicin.

Inhald salmtol is a long-acting bonchodilato. Bonchodilatos a mdicins that a bathd in though th mouth topn up th bonchial tubs (ai passags) in th lungs. It livs cough, whzing, shotnss bath, and toubld bathing by incasing th low ai though th bonchial tubs.

Dnot tak Advai i you a having an asthma attack. 1,2 Advai dos not wok quickly nough. Us a scu inhal instad.

Luticason and salmtol is a combination twmdicins that a usd thlp contol th symptoms asthma and impov bathing. It is usd whn a patint’s asthma has not bn contolld suicintly on oth asthma mdicins, whn a patint’s condition is ssv that mthan on mdicin is ndd vy day. This mdicin will not liv an asthma attack that has alady statd.

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