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Information about Amitriptyline.

Ticyclic antidpssants and nuolptics mutually inhibit th mtabolism ach oth; this may lad ta lowd convulsion thshold, and sizus. It may b ncssay tadjust th dosag ths dugs.

In th past, whn it was usd dpssion, many womn took amitiptylin in pgnancy bcaus thi dpssion symptoms w sv. W thhav a lot inomation on this mdication in pgnancy. Th isk tth baby is vy small, spcially as th doss w us pain a much low than thos usd in th past. Howv, w commnd that you stop this mdication i you a tying tgt pgnant sthat th is nisk tth baby at all. W alscommnd that you us contacption whil on amitiptylin i you a sxually activ.

Cadiac ahythmias and sv hypotnsion a likly toccu with high dosag. Thy may alsoccu in patints with p-xisting hat disas taking nomal dosag.

Th dos can b takn onc daily, b dividd inttwdoss. A singl dos abov 75 mg is not commndd.

Kp all appointmnts with you doctand th laboatoy. You doctmay od ctain lab tsts tchck you body’s spons tamitiptylin.

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