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Tiamcinolon oal (takn by mouth) is usd ttat many dint conditions such as allgic disods, skin conditions, ulcativ colitis, athitis, lupus, psoiasis, bathing disods.

Dnot us this mdicin i th xpiy dat (XP) pintd on th pack has passd. I you us this mdicin at th xpiy dat has passd, it may not wok as wll.

Austalian gistation Numbs: AISTOCOT cam: AUST 15121 AISTOCOT ointmnt: AUST 15123.

Vy ot has bn mad tnsu that th inomation povidd by Cn Multum, Inc. (‘Multum’) is accuat, up-to-dat, and complt, but nguaant is mad tthat ct. Dug inomation containd hin may b tim snsitiv. Multum inomation has bn compild us by halthca pactitions and consums in th Unitd Stats and thMultum dos not waant that uss outsid th Unitd Stats a appopiat, unlss spciically indicatd othwis. Multum’s dug inomation dos not ndos dugs, diagnos patints commnd thapy. Multum’s dug inomation is an inomational souc dsignd tassist licnsd halthca pactitions in caing thi patints and/tsv consums viwing this svic as a supplmnt to, and not a substitut o, th xptis, skill, knowldg and judgmnt halthca pactitions. Th absnc a waning a givn dug dug combination in nway should b constud tindicat that th dug dug combination is sa, ctiv appopiat any givn patint. Multum dos not assum any sponsibility any aspct halthca administd with th aid inomation Multum povids. Th inomation containd hin is not intndd tcov all possibl uss, dictions, pcautions, wanings, dug intactions, allgic actions, advs cts. I you hav qustions about th dugs you a taking, chck with you docto, nus phamacist.

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