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Information about Femara.

Adjuvantpost-surgerytreatment of hormone receptor positive invasive early breast cancerExtended adjuvant treatment of hormone-dependent invasive breast cancer in women who have received prior standard adjuvant tamoxifen therapy for five yearsFirst-line treatment for hormone-dependent advanced breast cancerAdvanced breast cancer after relapse or disease progressionin women with natural or artificially induced postmenopausal endocrine statuswho have previously been treated with anti-oestrogensNeo-adjuvantpre-surgerytreatment of hormone receptor positiveHER-2 negative breast cancer where chemotherapy is not suitable and immediate surgery not indicated.

The use of FEMARA may cause decreases in the density of your bonesincreases in bone fractures and osteoporosisMonitoring of the density of your bones may be required.

In patients with advanced diseaseLetrozole therapy should continue until tumor progression is evident.

The optimal duration of treatment with Femara is not knownTreatment should be discontinued if there is a tumor relapse.

Femara is a medicine that contains the active substance letrozoleIt is used as hormonal treatment in postmenopausal women with breast cancer.

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femara is an antiestrogen, or aromatase inhibitor.

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