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OA is a degenerative inflammatory disorderwhere joint inflammation initially causes painsandhishulaand later swellingsandhishothaDue to pain and swellingthe mobility of joints is restrictedstambhaand on movement results in excruciating painprasarana akunchanayoho vedanawhich becomes unbearable even on mild touch in the form of tendernesssparsha asahyataThe degenerative changes later result in manifestation of crepitussandhisphutanaSandhigata vata and OA are quite similar diseases found in clinical practice in which the etiopathogenesis and symptoms overlaps.

Clinical evaluation of Boswellia serrataShallakiresin in the management of Sandhivataosteoarthritis)

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In the present studyimprovement was seen in the chief complaintssandhishulasandhishothaakunchana prasaranayoh vedanastambhasandhisphutana and sparsha asahyatadue to shothahara and vedanasthapana properties of ShallakiThe main site of sandhivata is sandhi which is the site of shleshakakaphaDue to its tiktarasakatuvipaka and ushnaviryaShallaki pacifies vitiated kapha and vata dosharesulting in reduction of shothashula and other related symptomsThe pacified vata in the sandhi helps to rearrange shleshaka kapha and thereby improves the symptoms of sandhivataShallaki possesses analgesic and antiarthritic propertieswhich are responsible for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory activitiesIt also acts as COX-2 inhibitor and reduces the pain and inflammation without affecting the gastric mucosaIt soothes the joints and also helps treat levels of synovial fluidmaking the entire structure lubricated and easy to rotate or to move11]

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