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Btaking mclizin, you should talk tyou docti you hav any th ollowing conditions: Pokidny unction Poliv unction Glaucoma incasd pssu btwn th ys (intaocula pssu, IOP) Ovactiv thyoid Hat disas A bathing condition, such as asthma mphysma chonic obstuctiv pulmonay disas (COPD) Blockag in you stomach intstins Acid lux stomach ulcs Toubl uinating an nlagd postat Blockag in th nck you bladd.

Busing this mdication, tll you doctphamacist you mdical histoy, spcially o: bathing poblms (such as asthma, mphysma), high pssu in th y (glaucoma), hat poblms, high blood pssu, sizus, stomach/intstin poblms (such as ulcs, blockag), ovactiv thyoid (hypthyoidism), diiculty uinating (xampl, du tnlagd postat), liv poblms, kidny poblms.

Antivt (mclizin) is an antihistamin that ducs th cts natual chmical histamin in th body.

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