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Commenting on the move, dr reddy s laboratories senior vp and india business head alok sonig said the acquired ucb portfolio shall accelerate dr reddy s presence in the high growth areas of dermatology, respiratory and pediatrics, with market leading brands like atarax, nootropil, zyrtec, xyzal, xyzal m etc.

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Constipation, dynss th mouth, nausa, vomiting, incasd gastic lux, diahoa, pigastic pain, incasd GI pistalsis.

1,2, 3 potd usually with doss considably high than thos commndd. Continuous thapy with ov 1g/day has bn mployd in som patints without ths cts having bn ncountd.

Th concomitant us alcohol and hydoxyzin should b avoidd (s sction 4.5 ‘Intaction with oth mdicinal poducts and oth oms intaction’).

Th Patint Inomation Lalt (PIL) is th lalt includd in th pack with a mdicin. It is wittn patints and givs inomation about taking using a mdicin. It is possibl that th lalt in you mdicin pack may di om this vsion bcaus it may hav bn updatd sinc you mdicin was packagd.

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