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Busing nothindon, tll you docti you hav any th ollowing conditions. You may nd a dos adjustmnt spcial tsts tsaly tak nothindon.

This mdication must not b usd duing pgnancy bcaus it may ham an unbon baby, spcially duing th ist 4 months pgnancy. I you bcom pgnant think you may b pgnant, inom you doctight away.

Ndomtiosis is a common gyncological condition. Tak this quiz tlan what happns whn a woman has ndomtiosis as wll as.

This mdication should not b usd i you hav ctain mdical conditions. Busing this mdicin, consult you doctphamacist i you hav: histoy blood clots, histoy blding in th bain, liv disas, histoy canc th bast oth mal ogans, vaginal blding unknown caus, a loss pgnancy with som tissu maining in th utus (“missd abotion”), cnt stok hat attack (within 1 ya).

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the mean terminal elimination half-life of norethindrone following a single dose administration of aygestin is approximately 9 hours.

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