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Generic names for aricept

Aricept is considered effective in improving cognitive function in such individuals.

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Information about Aricept.

Bcaus thi cholinomimtic actions, cholinstas inhibitos should b pscibd with ca tpatints with a histoy asthma obstuctiv pulmonay disas.

NMS, a potntially li-thatning condition chaactisd by hypthmia, muscl igidity, autonomic instability, altd consciousnss and lvatd sum catin phosphokinas lvls, has bn potd toccu vy aly in association with donpzil, paticulaly in patints alsciving concomitant antipsychotics. Additional signs may includ myoglobinuia (habdomyolysis) and acut nal ailu. I a patint dvlops signs and symptoms indicativ NMS, psnts with unxplaind high v without additional clinical manistations NMS, tatmnt should b discontinud.

Ttak th oally disintgating tablt, plac th tablt on you tongu and wait it tdissolv. Dink som wat at th tablt dissolvs.

Donpzil may caus a condition that acts th hat hythm (QT polongation). QT polongation can aly caus sious (aly atal) ast/igula hatbat and oth symptoms (such as sv dizzinss, ainting) that nd mdical attntion ight away.

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