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Table 4 below relates the incidence of Torsade de Pointes to on-therapy QTc and change in QTc from baseline in patients with ventricular arrhythmias. It should be noted.however.that the highest on-therapy QTc was in many cases the one obtained order betapace side the time of the Torsade de Pointes that the table overstates the predictive value of a high QTc.

If you need surgery or medical tests.tell the doctor ahead of time that you are using Betapace. You may need to stop using order betapace side medicine for a short time.

You will receive your first few doses of sotalol in a hospital setting where your heart can be monitored in case the medication causes serious side effects.

Note. You can reduce your chances of drug interactions by having all of your prescriptions filled at the same pharmacy. That way.a pharmacist can check for possible drug interactions.

This compounding procedure results in a solution containing 5 mg/mL of sotalol HCl. The fine solid particles are the water-insoluble inactive ingredients of the tablets.

Sotalol has not been evaluated in any specific assay of mutagenicity or clastogenicity.

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