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Wash hands before and after handling the medication or its containerYou and/or your caregiver should wear disposable gloves when handling this medication or its containerIf powder from the tablet or capsule spillswipe it up right away with a wet paper towel and throw away in a closed container such as a plastic bagClean the spill area right away with soap and waterMake sure not to breathe the powder from the tablets/capsules.

Hydroxyurea belongs to a class of drugs called antimetabolitesA class of drugs is a group of medications that work in a similar wayThese drugs are often used to treat similar conditions.

The precise mechanism by which hydroxyurea produces its antineoplastic effects cannotat presentbe describedHoweverthe reports of various studies in tissue culture in rats and humans lend support to the hypothesis that hydroxyurea causes an immediate inhibition of DNA synthesis by acting as a ribonucleotide reductase inhibitorwithout interfering with the synthesis of ribonucleic acid or of proteinThis hypothesis explains whyunder certain conditionshydroxyurea may induce teratogenic effects.

HYDREA may damage spermatozoa and testicular tissueresulting in possible genetic abnormalitiesMales with female sexual partners of reproductive potential should use effective contraception during and after treatment with HYDREA for at least 1 year after therapysee Nonclinical Toxicology

Acute mucocutaneous toxicity has been reported in patients receiving hydroxyurea at dosages several times the therapeutic doseSorenessviolet erythemaedema on palms and soles followed by scaling of hands and feetsevere generalized hyperpigmentation of the skinand stomatitis have also been observed.

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