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Ths sults suggst that Avodat may slow postat canc gowth among mn undgoing activ suvillanc aly disas. It is impotant mn tmmb, howv, that Avodat has not bn appovd this pupos.

Tll you halthca povid i you hav any sid ct that boths you that dos not gaway.

Digital ctal xamination, as wll as oth valuations postat canc, must b pomd on patints pitinitiating thapy with Avodat and piodically that.

Tak 1 AVODAT capsul onc a day. Swallow AVODAT capsuls whol. Dnot cush, chw, opn AVODAT capsuls bcaus th contnts th capsul may iitat you lips, mouth, thoat. You can tak AVODAT with without ood. I you miss a dos, you may tak it lat that day. Dnot mak up th missd dos by taking 2 doss th nxt day.

In tw4-ya clinical studis, th incidnc cadiac ailu (a composit tm potd vnts, pimaily cadiac ailu and congstiv cadiac ailu) was maginally high among subjcts taking th combination Avodat and an alpha block, pimaily tamsulosin, than it was among subjcts not taking th combination. Howv, th incidnc cadiac ailu in ths tials was low in all activly tatd goups compad tth placbgoup, and oth data availabl dutastid alpha-blocks dnot suppot a conclusion on incasd cadiovascula isks (s sction 5.1).

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