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Congstiv hat ailu (CH) s ta condition in which th hat loss th ability tunction poply. Hat disas.

Aldacton movs xcss luid om th body in congstiv hat ailu, cihosis th liv, and kidny disas. It alscan b usd in combination with oth dugs ttat lvatd blood pssu, and tating diutic-inducd low potassium (hypokalmia). Aldacton alsis usd tcountact th cts xcssiv adnal aldoston poduction (hypaldostonism). Aldoston ovpoduction can occu om a tumin th adnal gland nlagd adnal glands (hypplasia th adnal glands).

Numbnss tingly ling; muscl pain waknss; slow, ast, unvn hat at; ling dowsy, stlss, light-hadd; uinating lss than usual not at all; shallow bathing; tmos, conusion; nausa, upp stomach pain, itching, loss apptit, dak uin, clay-colod stools, jaundic (yllowing th skin ys); sv skin action — v, sthoat, swlling in you ac tongu, buning in you ys, skin pain, ollowd by a d pupl skin ash that spads (spcially in th ac upp body) and causs blisting and pling.

Kidny disas, i you a unabl tuinat; high lvls potassium in you blood (hypkalmia); i you a taking potassium supplmnts oth potassium-spaing diutics such as Aldactazid, amiloid (Midamo, Modutic), tiamtn (Dynium, Dyazid, Maxzid).

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