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The fatty acids enter muscle cells and are oxidized for energy order rocaltrol 0.

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Rocaltrolcalcitriolis the most potent metabolite of vitamin D availableThe administration of Rocaltrolcalcitriolto patients in excess of their daily requirements can cause hypercalcemiahypercalciuriaand hyperphosphatemiaThereforepharmacologic doses of vitamin D and its derivatives should be withheld during Rocaltrolcalcitrioltreatment to avoid possible additive effects and hypercalcemiaIf treatment is switched from ergocalciferolvitamin D 2to calcitriolit may take several months for the ergocalciferol level in the blood to return to the baseline valuesee OVERDOSAGE

Patients with vitamin D-resistant ricketsfamilial hypophosphataemiawho are being treated with Rocaltrol must continue their oral phosphate therapyHoweverpossible stimulation of intestinal absorption of phosphate by Rocaltrol should be taken into account since this effect may modify the need for phosphate supplementation.

Since Rocaltrolcalcitriolalso has an effect on phosphate transport in the intestinekidneys and bonesthe dosage of phosphate-binding agents must be adjusted in accordance with the serum phosphate concentration.

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intrucat productia endogena de calcitriol in rinichi este insuficienta, rocaltrol este considerat a fi un tratament de inlocuire.

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