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Crestor can be taken at any time of the day.

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Information about Crestor.

When diet and exercise alone aren’t enough to lower cholesteroladding CRESTOR can help.

Doctors prescribe statins to lower high cholesterolOther statins include LipitorZocor and Lescol.

The long-term efficacy of rosuvastatin therapy initiated in childhood to reduce morbidity and mortality in adulthood has not been established.

The individual components of the primary end point are presented in Figure 3Rosuvastatin significantly reduced the risk of nonfatal myocardial infarctionnonfatal strokeand arterial revascularization proceduresThere were no significant treatment differences between the rosuvastatin and placebo groups for death due to cardiovascular causes or hospitalizations for unstable angina.

Hypertriglyceridemiahyperlipidemiamixed dyslipidemiaslowing progression of atherosclerosisprimary dysbetalipoproteinemia.

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rosuvastatin calcium side effects are similar to crestor s.

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