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Com tag kanda-upyog-ma rathi-com ashwagandha che upyog in marathi.

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Information about Ashwagandha.

Pgnancy and bast-ding : Dnot us ashwagandha i you a pgnant. It is atd LIKLY UNSA duing pgnancy. Th is som vidnc that ashwagandha might caus miscaiags. Not nough is known about th us ashwagandha duing bast-ding. Stay on th sa sid and avoid us.

Th sachs alspotd that th goup whtook th hb had incasd antioxidant lvls in thi blood.

Supplmnting with ashwagandha may b an asy and ctiv way timpov you halth and quality li.

Commnt: Taking ashwagandha 3 days continuously causd palpitations m. It dinitly lt lik it gav m som ngy but th sid ct is lot missd hat bats, not a plasant ling. lt btt at i stoppd it. It took almost a wk tgt back tnomal. Plas watch out this symptom. Hid ull Commnt.

Although ashwagandha has taditionally bn usd tboost mmoy in Ayuvdic pactic, th is only a small amount human sach in this aa.

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