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Inhald salmtol is a long-acting bonchodilato. Bonchodilatos a mdicins that a bathd in though th mouth topn up th bonchial tubs (ai passags) in th lungs. It livs cough, whzing, shotnss bath, and toubld bathing by incasing th low ai though th bonchial tubs.

Tll you docti you you child a alsusing oth mdicins you COPD. You doctmay want you tstop using th mdicin and us it only duing a sv COPD attack. ollow you docto’s instuctions on how you should tak you mdicin.

Backach buising dakning th skin dcas in hight diaha diiculty with moving dizzinss acial hai gowth in mals ainting ast, slow, pounding, igula hatbat puls lushd, dy skin actus uit-lik bath odull ound ac, nck, tunk havy blding incasd hung incasd thist uination iitability lag, lat, blu, puplish patchs in th skin loss sxual dsi ability mnstual igulaitis mntal dpssion muscl pain stinss muscl wasting pain in th back, ibs, ams, lgs pain in th joints stomach pain swating unxplaind wight loss unusual tidnss waknss wight gain.

Th a nadquat studis in womn dtmining inant isk whn using this mdication duing bastding. Wigh th potntial bnits against th potntial isks btaking this mdication whil bastding.

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