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Fungavir-A Nurse’s Opinion

I want you to remember a company name a?? Fungavir.A? Now I want to tell you my story, from beginning to end.A? Stick with me, because I am going to help you rid yourself of your pesky and ugly nail fungus once and for all!

I am a nurse and have been since I was 18 years old.A? I wona??t tell you my age but Flo Nightingale was not a contemporary of mine, enough said.A? After an extensive career you would think that a a??simplea?? fungus infection would not throw me.A? But it has been a nagging problem that I have played with for years.A? First I couldna??t believe I could acquire it.A? Me, I wasna??t an athlete, never used communal showers, always used shower shoes when bathing in someone elsea??s home.A? Diligent when it came to caring for my nails, I had frequent manicures and pedicures at a reputable salon. A?I even had the nerve of carefully questioning the salon owner, upon my first visit, as to her sanitary procedures.A? So you can imagine my embarrassment and horror when it was my pedicurist who pointed out to me the beginnings of my fungus infection.A? Needless to say I never returned there.A? Practicing hospital nursing does not prepare you for the mundane everyday problems that people face.A? I have yet to see anyone hospitalized for a toenail fungus infection.A? So I hit the books, and found that my favorite summer foot ware, bare feet, was the reason I probably had acquired this.A? Did you know there is a fungus that thrives in everyday dirt, garden soil?A? Yes, thata??s right, I garden in bare feet. Next step was to seek the professional advice of a foot doctor.A? He took a nail scraping and confirmed the diagnosis of my pedicurist.A? He told me that over the counter topical medications were useless and only an oral medication would do any good. So I followed his advice. Perhaps it was just me but my stomach and the pills did not see eye to eye.A? After faithfully taking them for a week I threw in the towel, I didna??t need a stomach ulcer to add to my problems.A? Then I went back to the books.A? The pills I had been ingesting have a high percentage of people suffering liver damage from them.A? And a liver is a nice thing to have.A? And since I would had to take them for 6 months I am glad I stopped them

Next step, was trying the natural products and remedies.A? I tried them all.A? Vicks made me smell as if I had returned to my childhood when my Mom smeared that stuff all over my chest.A? And the vinegar, I smelled, as did my house, like a pickle factory, I didna??t go out for days, it took that long to get rid of the smell.A? But my favorite had to be the hydrogen peroxide and water.A? The fungus had by now attacked the tissue around my nail so when I suck my foot into the peroxide and water soak it felt like my foot was on fire!! Enough of that stuff!

So I now turned to the happy world of topical solutions.A? I quickly found that not all medications are created equal.A? I must admit I tried so many and with so many failures I quickly became discouraged.A? And as with many of us, the constant applying of the solutions, some needed to be done as frequently as 6 times a day, became almost impossible to accomplish. The lengthy treatment time, 6 months to a year, seemed to stretch forever.A? So I admit it, I was a fungus drop out!A? And being a nurse knowing the ingredients is important to me.A? You may think what the big deal is; you are applying it to only the nail.A? But the medication seeps into your blood stream, so that makes it very important.A? And when you read that there is a certain percentage of inert ingredients in a product, I want to know what that stuff is. Finally a friend led me to the web site of Fungavir and their recently reformulated Fungavir.A? The testimonials from users were so impressive and they had used the original product. I liked the fact that it is manufactured here and not aboard.A? The USA has the highest standards of medical manufacturing in the world.A? But my favorite was the list of ingredients.A? They listed everything and everything listed was very impressive.A? Two especially stood out for me.A? One was Undecylenic Acid, which I found in my readings to be the best fungus killer.A? And the other was Tea Tree Oil, an old treatment but one of the few herbal remedies that if used properly could clear a fungus infection. And there were no inert ingredients, fillers such as water or glycerin or anything I did not understand. It contains only good stuff and in large percentages.A? So I tried Fungavir.A? Using it a few times a day rather than 6 was easy to do.A? And the thought that I would only have 3 to 4 months ahead of me make it easier to be compliant. In a few weeks I could see a great improvement and within 3 months the fungus was completely gone.

Soa??..I am not saying I am a fungus expert, only one who has been through all that there is out there.A? I do recommend Fungavir highly, and I encourage you to try this product and stick with it, you will never be sorry!