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There are too many things on the coach of Odley, and even if he followed him for three or five years, he might not be able to learn. Among the Minglun martial arts schools, there are specialized massage halls and several masseurs who specialize in massage for martial arts students to relieve fatigue and ventilate blood. Of course, this is to spend money. The massage is hundreds of yuan, and the good masseur is thousands of yuan, even thousands of yuan. Jos 5d-sculpture-mask often came over. Although I heard about it, I couldn’t come to it because I followed Otley’s training. Even if he came, he couldn’t afford it. “I will go see.” Su robbery came to interest. Nie Jie took him with interest and entered the massage hall next to him. “Odley coach said that there are many strange people in Minglunwu School. You hyaluronic-acid-mask may be able to find a way to further improve your skills. Perhaps this blind uncle is one of them.” Su Zhai thought. “It’s here.” Nie took him to a quite spacious massage room, which was antique and lit with incense burner. It was very elegant and smelling good. There was a taste of bluegrass throughout the room. Next to the k79-microneedle-cosmetics-box massage bed, I sat on a blind man. The blind man was almost in his early forties, wearing a loose white coat, his eyes were two holes, no eyes, it was scary. On the massage bed next to him, there was a man with a naked upper body who was breathing heavily. Obviously, the screams he had just sent were from him. This man, the muscles of his body are streamlined, such as the cats that are preying on the perennial, seemingly lean, but in fact the muscles seem to become a film, sticking to the bones, very beautiful. This is similar to the size of the Soviet robbery, apparently professionally trained. The man heard someone coming in, got up from the massage bed, put on a Sanda vest, “Nie Frost, how did you come in?” Others called this female coach as “Nie Jie”, this man actually shouted Nie Frost directly, showing him hair-removal The identity in the school is also very high. “Zhou Chun, do you want Blind Uncle to give you a free massage? Unfortunately, I still can’t stand this heavy method.” Nie Jie didn’t have a smile in her face. It seemed that she was not right with Zhou Chun. She said to Su: “This is Our school’s Zhou Chun coach, professor of free combat, is a professional player, and won the fifth place in the National Sanda King Championship. ” “This is your student?” Zhou Chun looked at the Soviet robbery. “Professional players!” Su robbery was shocked, and the ipl-hair-remove-machine difference between professional and non-occupation was great. Although he defeated Song Li today, this person is just a lover, and he can’t compare with the profession. Professional players are very high even at the county and city levels, because they train from a young age, sweat every day, and they have a lot of scientific training methods, and they are very scary. Although Jos has been practicing for seven or eight years, he has undergone various trainings. However, if he is actually fighting, he may only be able to compete with professional players at the municipal level. If he encounters a provincial level,