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Fungavir-A Mother’s Advice

Fungus Infections – Lessons from a Mother


I hope you can stay with me for a while and listen to my story on how Fungavir saved me from shame.  I have recounted it numerous times to interested parents like you, so many times that I thought it best to put pen to paper and tell my story to anyone who is interestedl.  My daughter Jenny is an active happy 14 year old, always on the go and a competitive athlete.

Jenny’s Fungus History

Recently I treated her to a shopping spree.  While she was trying on sandals I noticed her toenails on one foot to be oddly shaped with the skin around the big toe reddened and “angry” looking.  It looked even worse than necessary because she had tried to mask it with nail polish.  Later I found that applying nail polish to an active fungus infection will only make your infection more virulent.  But I am getting ahead of myself.  When I spoke with Jenny she was unconcerned.  She explained she noticed her nail changes the previous Fall during a swim meet.  Her friends told her not to worry about it “We all have nail fungus, you get it from the showers, and it’s no big deal” she was told.  And that actually is true; about how she contracted it, not about that is not a big deal.  But having the fungus can lead to months of searching for an answer,  and that definitely is a big deal.   Moist warm areas like public showers and locker rooms are breeding grounds for fungus.

Our Quest for a Diagnosis

After consulting with our family doctor we moved on to a podiatrist.  Remember this is the era of specialization.  The podiatrist took a nail scraping and deemed this to be a type of fungus called a nondermatophyte mold.  This is one of the more uncommon types; leave it to Jenny to be unique!  The doctor was kind enough to take the time to educate Jenny and myself.  There are several types but they all follow the same course.  The fungus enters the nail through a break in the skin and burrows itself all the way down to the nail bed.  There is leaves debris behind and changes the very quality of the nail making it thick, opaque in color and crumbly in texture.  Jenny’s nails were pretty bad and her big toe nail had begun to separate from the nail bed.

Now Comes the Treatment or Actually Treatments

Since she was a young teen, the doctor was unable to prescribe oral medication touted to be a cure.  I appreciated his honesty, he also told me about the severe side effects associated with this medication and said he would not give it to one of his own teens.  He left us with two choices, old time folk remedies that have an “iffy” rate of success or over the counter topical solutions.  The folk remedies were almost laughable but we tried them never the less.  Our podiatrist admitted that he was not familiar with over the counter or natural solutions.  This is not an uncommon situation.  Most physicians are so super saturated by drug manufactures with information on prescription drugs it leaves the physician precious little time to investigate the  alternatives.  He suggested that I be my own health care investigator and surf the net for possible cures.

Vicks, Peroxide and Beer

Yes, we tried it all.  We tried the Vicks Vapor-Rub, applied it for weeks without any changes except minty smelling feet.  The hydrogen peroxide treatment was painful to Jenny so that didn’t last long.  It may have made some improvement if we had given it more of a chance but I think the nail separation was the reason for the burning effect and Jenny wouldn’t do it after we have tried it three times.

Internet Search

I then turned to the Internet.  I must admit that throughout my search I became a much more educated consumer.  Each product promised a cure so we tried many before finally finding the right one.  Many promised a 30 day money back guarantee.  But since they all claimed that treatment could be necessary for up to 6 months, the 30 day sounded nice but I thought rather deceiving.  I suppose I could tell you the ones that were not successful but that wouldn’t be fair.  Instead,  I will focus on the only worked for us.


The winner was Fungavir.  Just being manufactured in the USA in a Federal Food and Drug Administration approved lab under their strict manufacturing regulations gave me piece of mind.   I had read about shocking reports about the lack of standards in facilities abroad and poisonous additives being added to products in many countries.  In my quest for a cure I read of different components that are truly fungus killers.  Fungavir was the only one that contained ALL of this stuff.  Many other solutions may contain several of the necessary ingredients but not all.  And Fungavir was a pure product.  What were missing were the inert fillers that other companies put in to fill up the bottle.  Fungavir  provided a 60 day money back guarantee, which gave us more time to test it out, but I never thought of using it.  For after several weeks a real change for the better was occurring.  Fungavir wrote that treatment may extend to as long as 6 months.  But I think it only took 3 before Jenny felt proud enough to wear her new sandals.

So this has been my story, I hope it helps you.  The bottom line is to skip all the steps and go directly to Fungavir for your solution to nail fungus.