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To Prevent a Fungus Infection, Do Your Own Manicure


One definition of a well-groomed “lovely” lady is beautiful well cared for hands.  They are sometimes the first thing that is noticed about a woman when she is introduced and extends her hand for a hand shake.  Or perhaps she has met a very romantic man who is about to kiss her hand. The last thing she wants is to present a hand with a finger adorned with a deformed, unsightly nail the result of a fungus infection.


It is easy to acquire This type of infection.  Actually our nails harbor fungus on and under them at all times.  It is only when there is a break in the skin that allows that fungus to invade our bodies that it becomes a problem.  The first sign of a fungus infection will be a small red or yellow dot at the tip of the nail.  This will be followed by the disfigurement of the nail making it thick, brittle and dull.  There may be some pain and a slight foul odor.  You should seek treatment immediately as this slight infection can lead to other problems.  One of them is a cellulites (secondary bacterial infection of the finger) infection which is a very serious one. Many do not realize that a fungus infection can be the catalysis that attracts more serious ones. And please do not think you can camouflage a damaged nail with nails polish.  First it won’t do anything but make the nail more apparently deformed and ugly.  The polish will not cover nicely or evenly and worse yet it will make the fungus infection worse.


There are now good over the counter medications for treating a nail fungus infection. But prevention is always the best treatment.  One of the favorite things a lady indulges in is having a manicure.  And she should pick that manicurist with great care.  A manicure, poorly done, is probably one of the greatest reasons for the recent explosion of finger fungus infections.  But manicures are not that difficult to do yourself at home.  And when you consider the savings in time and money besides avoiding an infection it makes doing your own a win-win situation.

A Good Manicure

Clean hands – Prep your nails carefully, removing old polish.

File – When completely dry, file your nails, from corner to center but only in one direction at a time and not in a sawing type motion. There are several different shapes, square and moon shape are just two of them.

Soak your hands in warm water with a gentle soap.  Follow with an application of hand cream and gloves to help soften your skin.

Cuticles – should be dried carefully and pushed back into shape with an orange stick.  Do not ever cut them doing so will present a portal for a fungus.

Clean under nail – completely with an orange stick and apply a hand moisturizer.

Prep and Polish – Before applying polish nails should be dry and free of any lotion or oil.  To completely cover nails in a uniform manner apply polish in three strokes.  If you wish complete with a second coat of polish and applying a top coat is advised to extend the length of your manicure.