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About Your Fungus Nail Infection

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A common form of a nail infection is caused by a fungus and given the name of onychomycosis. It is a common nail and skin infection, easy to contract difficult to treat.  Recognized at first under the nail it may also infect the surrounding tissue, whether it is the finger or the toe.


Depending on the area that is infected will depend on how fast the fungus will be recognized.  For an older individual, and this age group is the more common to acquire this type of infection, recognizing a problem may be its own problem.  As we grow older and our eyesight is impaired seeing your feet and caring for them properly will present a problem.  When a fungus infection of the finger presents itself it is easily recognized.  And since fungus is an unsightly thing treatment will be commenced as soon as possible.  There is also the social stigma when a fungus infection is viewed.  The idea that a person’s hygiene is not what it should be is the first thought.  This is not actually true. The infection will enter the body at some point probably not known by the host.  It may lie dormant for a period of time before presenting with dot, either red or yellow, at the tip of the nail.  This will be followed by a total involvement of the nail.  The appearance will be dull and opaque, brittle, flakey and distorted in shape.  As the fungus deposits debris under the nail the nail will become thick.  If treatment is not considered at this time, the surrounding tissue of the nail will become involved. This secondary infection may be more difficult to cure and be more virulent.


There are medications available for treatment.  One of the problems is that fungus is a difficult and persistent infection that once settled in doesn’t like to leave its happy home.  Any area that is moist, dark and warm is the perfect area in which a fungus likes to multiply and reproduce.  So it is likely that once a fungus has found one of your toes, it will spread to the remainder. There are some simple changes to our daily routine that will either help to prevent obtaining an infection or once we have it will contribute to its eradication.  Firstly, shoes are cheap these days, the not-so-good ones.  These are usually made from man -mad synthetic materials that do not allow your foot to breathe and be cooled.  On the other hand, leather is a better shoe material.  It stretches, allows cooling of the foot and is more expensive.  So, go classical and forget the fads.  Invest in good leather shoes that will last for years.  Using heavy works shoes will require socks.  No matter the type of shoes make sure your socks are made of cotton or wool.  These natural fibers will allow your feet to breathe, absorb moisture away from the feet and allow the feet to be cooled.  If possible have several work boots that will allow for rotation so you will always have a dry shoe to use.  It is always easier to prevent than treat a fungus so make sure that fungus doesn’t start in the first place.