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Fungus Spread and How to Treat It


Finger nails are one of the first things a person sees when you extend your hand for a hand shake.  It can be an indication of a person’s overall health and how they feel about themselves.  Actually this holds true for any gentleman in a high powered business situation.  The appearance of a nail infection can present someone in a negative light. Nail fungus is contagious to yourself and others and can be cured.


Fungus as with other types of contagions live microscopically on our skin without any thought of ours.  Routine cleaning of the nail and skin surfaces is not successful when it comes to this type of infection.  Fungus is always around the nail.  As with any other infection prevention is the best form of treatment.  Anyone’s immune system under attack, that is not up to par, is more likely to become ill.  Therefore it is the best policy to do whatever is necessary to achieve this end.  There are those who feel that the established theory, that it is possible to acquire such a infection with bare feet in public places not true.  Fungus is a contagious infection and easy to acquire.  Why a multitude of people can be exposed to the same thing at the same time and not all be infected with the fungus is a question not able to be answered.  Fungus is found in a multitude of simple areas, such as garden soil and the air.  More research will have to be done to answer the host of questions this presents.


As previously stated a good immune system can be your best friend. There are many factors that can put your immune system in jeopardy.  Stress is the number one factor, followed closely by the strain of chronic illness and poor nutrition as a follow up.  Surprisingly even the most obese person can be malnourished.  A good diet, balanced and high in antioxidants, will help prevent this type and any other type of infection.  An adequate intake of vitamin C is essential for warding off disease.  Diet is an important part of prevention as a fungus is difficult to treat and cure.  Medications are available, although they can be successful, treatment may be stretched over a long period of time.


There are some home-made folk treatments that some people will swear by and others will say are a myth.  The use of vinegar and water soaks is one.  Another is the application of Vicks VapoRub on the affected nails.


Since there is no rhyme or reason as to why you may develop such an infection it is best that you know how to identify it if you are one of the unfortunate ones.  Your nail will exhibit a small yellow or red dot at its tip.  This will be followed by the change of the appearance of the nail.  It will thicken with the deposit of the fungus debris under it.  It will change in shape, become opaque and dull in color, and have a flakey and ragged appearance.

Uncommon Fungus Infections of the Great Toe


Fungus infections of the nails, the great toe, can be caused by a number of different pathogens.  One of the most uncommon (get ready for the big words) is a nondermatophyte mold.  We won’t go into the name of the three most common molds, it isn’t necessary to know.


The above mentioned type of mold, and there are molds everywhere, is important as it is found mainly in soil and decaying plant material.  This is a very rare type of fungus infection.  The ability to actually diagnosis this is important as nail infections are difficult to treat and even harder to cure.  Diagnosis is made by microscopic findings of a nail scrapping.  Therefore it may be necessary to consult with a podiatrist for a definite diagnosis.  Mold type fungus infections can be acquired the same way as others.  Wet floors of communal showers in gyms and locker are notorious for this type of contact.


It is easy to obtain a fungus infection. Fungus is commonly found on our nails so any small opening of our skin is an invitation for the fungus to take up residence in our toe.  This also is applicable when it comes to any type of injury to the foot and or toes.  The infection may remain dormant for a period of time before it comes apparent.  The first symptom will be a discoloration or dot on the tip of the finger.  This will quickly change to an unhealthy looking nail, discolored, oddly shaped and crumbly. As the fungus takes hold it will deposit material under the nail and if there is enough of it the nail may separate from the nail bed.  If you are one of the unfortunate ones that need to wear heavy construction boots the pressure from these shoes will aggravate the infection and increase the pain. This is a long term infection and if you suffer from any other chronic illness you may find it twice as hard to achieve a complete cure.  Obesity sets up the problem of being able to reach your feet to give them the care they need.  Chronic illness as in diabetes often reduces our eye sight and perhaps we will not notice the onset of the infection.  For both of these groups perhaps professional foot care would be a good alternative than trying to do it yourself.

Treatment and Common Remedies

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There are numerous medications available.  Nail infections are difficult to treat, so hang in there; it may take a while to see a real difference. In fact it may be as long s six months to one year before the infection is completely eradicated.   Some common remedies is to keep your feet clean and dry, cotton socks to absorb any excessive moisture and frequent rotation of shoes. The use of cotton socks, actually wool is good also, absorb perspiration better than synthetic ones. Anyone who works with a gardening career or if only the home gardener can help themselves prevent this by wearing shoes while gardening and bypassing bare feet lives in garden soil.  feet. Actually the fungus that loves

How to Care for Your Toe Nail Fungus


One of the frequent infections of the toe nail is a fungus infection.  It is a common organism found on our nails at all times and we have it with us constantly.  Although that is true it does not mean that we will automatically develop an infection.


Any small crack or break of the skin or mucosa will allow the fungus to invade our bodies and set up shop.  As with the best of infections an area that is warm, dark and moist presents the perfect atmosphere for the infection to multiply. The feet present more of a problem than the finger when it comes to awareness and then treatment.  The infected nail will first show a red or yellow spot at the tip of the nail.  This will be followed by a change in the nails appearance.  It will become thick and flakey, dull in color and distorted in shape.  The fungus will deposit sediment under the nail adding to its thickness.  After some time, if treatment has not been started the infection may invade the surrounding tissue of the toe.  The toe will appear red, swollen, may have a foul odor and be painful.  At this point, even if the poor person suffering all this had not previously recognized the infection they will now.  Any shoe, no matter how large, will cause pain.  Often if it gets this far the patient will be unable to conduct his normal daily activities.


There are many over the counter medications available for use.  The biggest problem is that the longer the fungus infection has been under the nail, the longer it will take to cure the fungus.  So it takes commitment to continue treatment when you do not see any instant cure. Natural remedies have been more successful. You can find many of these products on this site.


There are those who are more abt of contracting a fungus infection.  Men have a great incidence of a foot infection.  Anyone suffering from a chronic illness as diabetes will find they are more prone to this type of infection.  Diabetes, stroke and vascular complications are just three that make fungus more of a problem than it would be for a younger person.  Nail polish is considered another catalyst for infection. There are some persons allergic to the preservative in nail polish and these will set that person up for an automatic fungus infection no matter what they try to do to avoid it.  Keeping your feet clean, avoid sharing towels, sheets or any communal things with your family that may set them up for their own outbreak.  Rotation of shoes is another good idea and dusting them with powder another way to keep your feet dry. Toe nails should be kept short and neat and if that is impossible to do yourself than have it done by another person or better yet, a podiatrist.  As with any infection a good immune system will help prevent disease.  A good balanced diet with an emphasis on vitamin C will help to prevent fungus infections or cure disease.