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To Prevent a Fungus Infection, Do Your Own Manicure


One definition of a well-groomed “lovely” lady is beautiful well cared for hands.  They are sometimes the first thing that is noticed about a woman when she is introduced and extends her hand for a hand shake.  Or perhaps she has met a very romantic man who is about to kiss her hand. The last thing she wants is to present a hand with a finger adorned with a deformed, unsightly nail the result of a fungus infection.


It is easy to acquire This type of infection.  Actually our nails harbor fungus on and under them at all times.  It is only when there is a break in the skin that allows that fungus to invade our bodies that it becomes a problem.  The first sign of a fungus infection will be a small red or yellow dot at the tip of the nail.  This will be followed by the disfigurement of the nail making it thick, brittle and dull.  There may be some pain and a slight foul odor.  You should seek treatment immediately as this slight infection can lead to other problems.  One of them is a cellulites (secondary bacterial infection of the finger) infection which is a very serious one. Many do not realize that a fungus infection can be the catalysis that attracts more serious ones. And please do not think you can camouflage a damaged nail with nails polish.  First it won’t do anything but make the nail more apparently deformed and ugly.  The polish will not cover nicely or evenly and worse yet it will make the fungus infection worse.


There are now good over the counter medications for treating a nail fungus infection. But prevention is always the best treatment.  One of the favorite things a lady indulges in is having a manicure.  And she should pick that manicurist with great care.  A manicure, poorly done, is probably one of the greatest reasons for the recent explosion of finger fungus infections.  But manicures are not that difficult to do yourself at home.  And when you consider the savings in time and money besides avoiding an infection it makes doing your own a win-win situation.

A Good Manicure

Clean hands – Prep your nails carefully, removing old polish.

File – When completely dry, file your nails, from corner to center but only in one direction at a time and not in a sawing type motion. There are several different shapes, square and moon shape are just two of them.

Soak your hands in warm water with a gentle soap.  Follow with an application of hand cream and gloves to help soften your skin.

Cuticles – should be dried carefully and pushed back into shape with an orange stick.  Do not ever cut them doing so will present a portal for a fungus.

Clean under nail – completely with an orange stick and apply a hand moisturizer.

Prep and Polish – Before applying polish nails should be dry and free of any lotion or oil.  To completely cover nails in a uniform manner apply polish in three strokes.  If you wish complete with a second coat of polish and applying a top coat is advised to extend the length of your manicure.

Uncommon Fungus Infections of the Great Toe


Fungus infections of the nails, the great toe, can be caused by a number of different pathogens.  One of the most uncommon (get ready for the big words) is a nondermatophyte mold.  We won’t go into the name of the three most common molds, it isn’t necessary to know.


The above mentioned type of mold, and there are molds everywhere, is important as it is found mainly in soil and decaying plant material.  This is a very rare type of fungus infection.  The ability to actually diagnosis this is important as nail infections are difficult to treat and even harder to cure.  Diagnosis is made by microscopic findings of a nail scrapping.  Therefore it may be necessary to consult with a podiatrist for a definite diagnosis.  Mold type fungus infections can be acquired the same way as others.  Wet floors of communal showers in gyms and locker are notorious for this type of contact.


It is easy to obtain a fungus infection. Fungus is commonly found on our nails so any small opening of our skin is an invitation for the fungus to take up residence in our toe.  This also is applicable when it comes to any type of injury to the foot and or toes.  The infection may remain dormant for a period of time before it comes apparent.  The first symptom will be a discoloration or dot on the tip of the finger.  This will quickly change to an unhealthy looking nail, discolored, oddly shaped and crumbly. As the fungus takes hold it will deposit material under the nail and if there is enough of it the nail may separate from the nail bed.  If you are one of the unfortunate ones that need to wear heavy construction boots the pressure from these shoes will aggravate the infection and increase the pain. This is a long term infection and if you suffer from any other chronic illness you may find it twice as hard to achieve a complete cure.  Obesity sets up the problem of being able to reach your feet to give them the care they need.  Chronic illness as in diabetes often reduces our eye sight and perhaps we will not notice the onset of the infection.  For both of these groups perhaps professional foot care would be a good alternative than trying to do it yourself.

Treatment and Common Remedies

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There are numerous medications available.  Nail infections are difficult to treat, so hang in there; it may take a while to see a real difference. In fact it may be as long s six months to one year before the infection is completely eradicated.   Some common remedies is to keep your feet clean and dry, cotton socks to absorb any excessive moisture and frequent rotation of shoes. The use of cotton socks, actually wool is good also, absorb perspiration better than synthetic ones. Anyone who works with a gardening career or if only the home gardener can help themselves prevent this by wearing shoes while gardening and bypassing bare feet lives in garden soil.  feet. Actually the fungus that loves

The Encyclopedia of Fungus Nail Infections


There are several words important to know when speaking about nail fungus infections.  The word mycosis is used to define any disease caused by a fungus, no matter what is the site.  The specific term for a fungus nail infection is onychomycosis – pronounced on-i-ko-mi-KO-sis, use it and impress your friends with the “big” words.


Fungus infections of the nail, once acquired are difficult to treat and cure.  They are also gravitate easily to other finger and toe nails. The first sign will be a red or yellow spot that emerges at the tip of the nail.   Quickly there will be other changes. The nail will become thick, brittle and crumble easily.  The color will change and become opaque and dull.  And as the fungus multiplies it will leave debris under the nail, adding to its thickness.  The finger itself will be involved as the fungus progresses, swelling becoming red and painful.  Depending on the type of onychomycosis other changes will also take place.  The nail may separate from the nail bed.  The size and shape of the finger will change or only part of the nail will be affected.


There are several types of treatment.  In the last few years many good topical agents have been produced and allowed by the Federal Drug and Food Administration. A fungus infection is a difficult one to cure and so treatment may last for an extended period of time. Many people will say that there is nothing to cure this type of infection.  But if you question them they will admit that they gave up too easily rather than persevering longer with the treatment.  And with the tips given later in this article adhering to the suggestions will also speed recovery.

Prevention and Common Sense Principals

Whether you are trying to prevent an infection or are in the middle of treatment there are some things that can be done to help the problem.  When it comes to the hands prolonged immersion is water breaks down tissue and set up the patient for an infection.  Therefore if this pertains to you the use of rubber gloves is advised.  Nail polish and artificial nails are also a catalyst for some people.  If you visit a manicurist do not be afraid to inquire as to their septic procedures.  Feet are the best place for any infection to grow, especially fungus.  Wearing of cotton and wool socks, rather than synthetic, as the natural fibers will absorb moisture more readily is advised.  Rotation of shoes, putting powder in those shoes is also advised.  Toe nails should be trimmed short and neatly.  And if the party cannot see properly to do this it may best done by a podiatrist.  For older folks some pre-existing conditions will make acquiring a fungus infection easier.  And those pre-existing conditions will make the acquired fungus infection more difficult to treat.  Diabetes and decreased circulation to the feet are both problems that delay the curing of a fungus infection.