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Fungavir – Advances in Nail Fungus Treatment

The Revolution Occurring in the Treatment of Nail Fungus

Nail fungus has been reported in the medical community as far back as 1820.  It was first mentioned in the medical records of those immigrants passing through the halls of Ellis Island in 1907. It was one of the contagious diseases that they looked for, but not one that would prevent a person from being able to enter the United States. Home remedies were very common during these years but it was not until the 1980’s that companies started to manufacture medications to treat these infections.

Many different products are available for purchase and they all promise the same result. But not all medications are created equal.  Fungavir, which has already made their mark and reputation for excellence with their ClearFungus solution, just made another great break through. They have improved and strengthen their formula to make it work faster and stronger.

Fungavir is very forthright when it comes to presenting the ingredients present in their Fungavir.  All ingredients are clearly marked and are top quality herbs. Any medical journal that alludes to the effective treatment of fungus will tell you that Undecylenic Acid is the number one property necessary to eradicate fungus. To that, they add Tea Tree Oil and Manuka Oil, both used for decades as fungus treatments and along with 12 more oils and herbs.

Fungavir  improved their original product, ClearFungus, by doubling the potency.  In a time when many companies are trying to increase profits by making their packages smaller or the contents less,  Fungavir is giving you more.   So now  Fungavir is more potent so to hopefully shorten the time of your recovery.

Nail fungi are difficult infections to cure as the longer you have it the harder it is to rid yourself of it.  Fungavir doesn’t just sit on top of the nail or penetrate only a few layers, rather it goes to the very base of the nail, to the home of the fungus and kills it at its root.  At the same time it heals the affected area of the skin. Within a few weeks you will see a real difference in the appearance of your nail.  And with the new formulation, with its double potency, it is hoped that within four to six months nail fungus will be a part of your past.

You can feel confident when you purchase Fungavir as to the purity of the product.  Fungavir has their product manufactured in the USA in a laboratory registered with and monitored by the Federal Food and Drug Administration.   These high standards of manufacturing shows that Fungavir is being produced in a lab which has very high standards.

Since this new formula is stronger, it should shorten the time of therapy, it will make it more cost effective for you in the end. You, of course, need to be patient and give this improved medication a chance to work.  I am sure, when you see an improvement in a few weeks you will continue to use Fungavir until the new nail grows in and you are fungus free.