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Fungavir-Improved Formula

Fungavir- Better than ever

It has been recently announced the release of a new formulation of the already well known and effective fungus preparation Fungavir.A? This is an important breakthrough and should revolutionize how this difficult fungus can be treated and eliminated.A? Fungavir has reviewed its formula and felt that with some reworking their already highly successful product, ClearFungusA?could be improved.

FungavirA?is able to achieve its high cure rate because of its unique delivery system.A? A fungal infection is caused by several different types of fungus, among them dermatophytes, yeasts and molds.A? These organisms quickly and efficiently burrow themselves deep into the nail, down to the nail bed which makes their removal that much more difficult.A? As the fungus is making its way through the nail system, it disfigures and changes the very essence of the nail.A? The nail will begin to flake, change shape, thicken and discolor.A? Most other nail preparations applied to the nail will either just sit on the top or penetrate just a few layers. They may show some changes over time but these are often temporary and incomplete. This is not efficient and will not completely destroy the fungus no matter how long it is tried.A? To completely rid yourself of this problem you need the properties that are contained in Fungavir. A?FungavirA?is a preparation made completely of natural products and in a concentration not found with anything else offered to the public by any other company.A? This new formulation has doubled the strength of what was previously used.A? But they have been able to achieve this without the use of fillers, dyes, water and other inert ingredients.A? It is hoped that this new formulation will speed the time of complete healing.

FungavirA?is A?manufactured A?in the United States. This should give you a sense of confidence, to know that it is not produced in a country having a reputation for shoddy manufacturing standards. In addition, all the plant ingredients that are used in ClearFungus are registered with the Federal Food and Drug Administration. A?This insistence on high standards is just a reflection of how serious the Fungavir Company is about producing a high quality product.

FungavirA?with its increased potency does not just stay on the top of the nail, or penetrate only a few layers.A? Rather it penetrates deeply into all the layers down to the nail bed. Their recommendation to file the nail surface also helps with penetration. This insures that the product reaches to the depths of where the fungus resides.A? Nail fungus does not leave completely after a few short weeks. You will see an improvement but that is not a reason to cut down on this therapy or cut it out completely. A?Rather it does take a long period, maybe as short as two months, or as long as four months to achieve full eradication of the fungus.A? Previously a time line of three months to as long as a year was considered a fair estimate as to how long the fungus needed to be treated. With this new formula, you will get relief faster and make that long waiting time estimate obsolete. It promotes new growth as well, so the replacement nail will come in faster.

At Fungavir they know that we are a nation of instant gratification.A? So it is hard to have to say that your fungus treatment will not be an overnight one.A? And with some medications that do not have the potency of FungavirA?it means their treatment will be more prolonged, expensive and perhaps wona??t be completed at all.A? They have reformulated the product so that you will have the patience to complete the therapy as it will not take as long. Since you will be using less of the product it will be more cost effective for you.A? And when you see the results of your therapy, you will feel confident to recommend it to others.