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Great Nail Fungus Treatment

I Want to Tell You about a Great Nail Fungus Treatment


I want to tell you about a nail fungus treatment that worked for me, Fungavir.  I have had nail fungus for as long as I can remember.  It has been an issue in high school, college and now as an adult.  I tried every possible treatment-I’ve tried Vicks on my feet, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, herbal products, and prescription medications and even soaked them in beer.  I read just about every website online about nail fungus, searched through every forum and blog about nail fungus treatments, but nothing worked for me until I found this one product. It is important to realize what does and what doesn’t work so you won’t make the same mistakes I did.

The Winner-Fungavir

The nail fungus treatment that worked for me is Fungavir.  It has 15 different ingredients which is more than any other one treatment contains.  I compared the ingredients of Fungavir with that of the other products on the market and the other preparations don’t even come close.  Plus it has double the amount of Undecylenic Acid than any other nail fungus treatment available.  And if you know anything about nail fungus, you know that any effective nail fungus treatment will have Undecylenic Acid in it.  Plus it has Manuka Oil, which I haven’t even seen in any other nail fungus treatments at all.


After 2 weeks of trying Fungavir, I started noticing  results.  Don’t get me wrong, it did take longer to actually get rid of the nail fungus completely.  It took about 4 months, but it worked.  I put it on every day, twice daily and slowly I could see my toe nails getting clearer, the yellow disappearing and eventually a new nail starting to grow in its place.  For me, Fungavir was a miracle.

Some Treatments to Avoid

Now that I’ve told you about Fungavir, the only treatment that actually worked for me let me go back and list those treatments that didn’t work.  It is important that you know what doesn’t work so you can avoid them.  First of all, I tried Vicks Vapor Rub as a nail fungus treatment.  I know it may sound silly, but I read it somewhere online.  This made my feet smell better than they did and it did cause my foot to tingle a bit, but it really didn’t do anything to get rid of the nail fungus.  It did give the illusion of working for a couple of days, it made the nail appear clearer, but that effect only lasted for a couple of days.  I tried soaks of hydrogen and water and also dabbing alcohol on my toes thinking they may kill the fungus, but no, no help there either.  I went to my doctor who put me on a prescription medication.  This is a tried and true remedy that also takes a while to work.  But it also carries with it a lot of side effects associated with the liver.  But I tried it anyway.  I took the pills every day for about 4 days.  But they made me nauseated and after I vomited a few times I decided to stop them.  My feet weren’t worth ruining my stomach or my liver.  That was it for the prescription nail fungus treatments.

My Last Word

I have tried every nail fungus treatment online and all had a good return policy, which is good as I returned 90% of them.  I must have tried 7 different solutions before finding Fungavir, the only one that worked. And the home remedies useless.  Oh, I forgot to tell you about one that was kind of unique.  I soaked my foot in beer!!  It turned out to be useless, so stick to drinking it rather than soaking in it.  So take it from me-don’t waste your time or money on nail fungus treatments that don’t work.