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Nail Health for Today and Tomorrow-Fungus and Other Problems


Our nails are just not those hard things on the ends of our fingers.A? They perform a service for us.A? They grow without pain, and can make the diagnosis of a health problem so much easier.A? In fact they can even tell a doctor if you are being poisoned. But perhaps their greatest accomplishment is that when there are specific changes in them they can point your doctor to a diagnosis of serious skin cancer. They are growing as are other cells in our bodies.A? Nails grow at a different rate during our life time with toenails slower than finger nails.

Nail Problems

t we would not even see a nail fungus begin to develop until it had a good hold on us.A? If you do not feel comfortable doing your own foot care, please have a professional do it for you.A? This may enable you to take better care of your feet.