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Nail Health for Today and Tomorrow-Fungus and Other Problems


Our nails are just not those hard things on the ends of our fingers.  They perform a service for us.  They grow without pain, and can make the diagnosis of a health problem so much easier.  In fact they can even tell a doctor if you are being poisoned. But perhaps their greatest accomplishment is that when there are specific changes in them they can point your doctor to a diagnosis of serious skin cancer. They are growing as are other cells in our bodies.  Nails grow at a different rate during our life time with toenails slower than finger nails.

Nail Problems

Changes in our bodies health as we age is mirrored in our nails.  Fungus is a common one and prevents a challenge.  Problems with our immune system, circulation and the secondary effects of medical treatments and medications all pose a risk to our nail’s health.  Trauma will cause white spots in the nail that should eventually grow out.  Ingrown toe nails are a big problem.  Besides being a painful experience they are a great set-up for a fungus infection.  Bacterial infections, apparent by a painful, red and swollen toe, will allow a fungus infection to invade the area also.  Warts cause the nail to change shape as they also affect the nail bed.  Here also is an entry for that pesky fungus.

Bad Habits

A bad habit that most people develop as children is nail biting.  But most adults have dropped this habit.  If you haven’t please do!  Besides creating an ugly miserable looking nail and this is a no-no for men as well as woman.  Men in business have to present a well groom professional appearance. Raggedy funny nails do not present this picture.   And woman should not even have to be reminded that a well-groomed lady has well-groomed nails.  Besides the bad appearance is the fact that when you do it you damage not only the nail but the finger as well.  You break the skin and aha, you might as well put a welcome sign out for every bacteria and/or fungus in the neighborhood.


Fungus infections are difficult to treat but are curable although it takes almost a year to get a good result.  There are over the counter medications, some recently released by the Food and Drug Administration that formerly were available only by prescription.  Toe nails are more affected than finger nails.  There are three things that must be present to sustain an infection.  They are moistness, a dark area and a moist environment.  That is why a foot, encased in a sock and shoe is such a great incubator.  It is best to use socks made of cotton or wool.  Both of these are natural fabrics that absorb moisture from the feet better than synthetic materials.  Keep your shoes dry by putting power in them frequently. Hands frequently in water, such as those of a dish washer, have a greater opportunity to acquire a fungus infection. The use of gloves will help keep your hands safe.  If you have your nails done at a nail salon ask about their sanitary policy.  This is the greatest place for passing a fungus infection if the manicurist is not careful and alert.  As we get older our circulatory system starts to slow down and our eye sight begins to fail.  There is a possibility that we would not even see a nail fungus begin to develop until it had a good hold on us.  If you do not feel comfortable doing your own foot care, please have a professional do it for you.  This may enable you to take better care of your feet.