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Fungal Infections


Onychomycosis pronounced a?? on-i-ko-mi-KO-sis a?? is the term for a fungus that attacks the finger and/or toe nails.A? It is a disease found so frequently that it is considered the most common of this type of infections.A? Both toe nails and fingernails can be infected with the fungus, but toe nails are more frequently infected and the more difficult to treat.A? There are four types of the fungus depending on which part, sequence of infection and causative agent of the fungus.


Many times a fungus infection will be passed and the unlucky recipient will not even realize it until symptoms appear.A? Th read more...

Nail Fungus Spread and How to Treat It


Finger nails are one of the first things a person sees when you extend your hand for a hand shake.A? It can be an indication of a persona??s overall health and how they feel about themselves.A? Actually this holds true for any gentleman in a high powered business situation.A? The appearance of a nail infection can present someone in a negative light. Nail fungus is contagious to yourself and others and can be cured.


Fungus as with other types of contagions live microscopically on our skin without any thought of ours.A? Routine cleaning of the nail and skin surfaces is not successful when it comes to this type of infec read more...

Uncommon Fungus Infections of the Great Toe


Fungus infections of the nails, the great toe, can be caused by a number of different pathogens.A? One of the most uncommon (get ready for the big words) is a nondermatophyte mold.A? We wona??t go into the name of the three most common molds, it isna??t necessary to know.


The above mentioned type of mold, and there are molds everywhere, is important as it is found mainly in soil and decaying plant material.A? This is a very rare type of fungus infection.A? The ability to actually diagnosis this is important as nail infections are difficult to treat and even harder to cure.A? Diagnosis is made by microscopic read more...