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Fungavir Review

#1 Fungavir

Fungavir Nail Fungus Treatment Review

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Approval Rating: 98.4% (based on ingredient research)

Product Claims:  

The editor’s choice, Fungavir, has received many positive reviews given by former nail fungus suffers. Fungavir contains twice the amount of safe, natural ingredients found in any other product. It is a multifaceted product that kills any and all types of fungus. It is safe for anyone, 100% pure with no added fillers or chemicals and no side effects. Fungavir is a clear, pleasant smelling liquid that is quickly absorbed by the nail and seeps deep into the nail bed and surrounding skin. Fungavir is the number one choice and is a good value since, for a small cost, the results are exceptional.

Fungavir has been able to achieve its excellent results because of the high concentration of the strongest fungus fighters available in the natural market. Other products  tested may have contained some of these components but just a few; never the amount or concentration found in Fungavir. Representatives of the company, when people called customer service, received high praise for their patience, knowledge and concern for those they were counseling.

Fungavir is produced in an FDA approved and monitored laboratory and is GMP certified in the USA. It is found safe for  all nail fungus sufferers, no matter the gender or age or severity of the problem. Fungavir offers a 60 day 100% money back guarantee. Get more information


Fungavir offers a package deal that cannot be beat by its competitors.  Fungavir offers 2 bottles free if you order 2 bottles, which comes to $24.90 a bottle when you order the 4 bottle special. The fact that you are guaranteed results for a treatment that costs less than $23, along with a 60 day guarantee for your money back,  is an offer that is hard to beat.

Our Conclusion:

Fungavir is ahead of the competition, as evaluated by our editors.  When you list all the positives, the large number of satisfied customers, the short time period of treatment necessary and the reasonable price, it is hard not to not come to this conclusion.  This definitely is the editor’s choice and we believe, the best product available.

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1. Undecylenic, USP check-mark20% check-mark10%
2. Manuka Oil Horse-Chestnut-check-mark
3. Tea Tree Oil Ginger-root-check-mark Ginger-root-check-mark Ginger-root-check-mark Ginger-root-check-mark Ginger-root-check-mark
4. Almond Oil Butchers-Broom-check-mark Butchers-Broom-check-mark
5. Aloe Barbadensis Blonde-Psyllium-check-mark
6. Vitamin E Vitamin E-check-mark Vitamin E-check-mark
7. Clove Flower Oil Clove Flower Oil-check-mark Clove Flower Oil-check-mark Clove Flower Oil-check-mark
8. Jojoba Oil Jojoba Oil-check-mark Jojoba Oil-check-mark
9. Black Walnut Oil Oak-Straw-check-mark
10. Lemongrass Oil Lemongrass-Oil-check-mark Lemongrass-Oil-check-mark Lemongrass-Oil-check-mark Lemongrass-Oil-check-mark Lemongrass-Oil-check-mark
11. Propolis Extract Propolis Extract-check-mark
12. Menthol Oil Menthol Oil-check-mark
13. Lavender Oil Lavender Oil-check-mark Lavender Oil-check-mark Lavender Oil-check-mark
14. Camphor Oil Cascara-Sagrada-check-mark
15. Palmarosa Oil Palmarosa-Oil-check-mark
16. Rose Geranium Rose-Geranium-Oil-check-mark
17. Thymol Oil Thymol-Oil-check-mark