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How to Care for Your Toe Nail Fungus


One of the frequent infections of the toe nail is a fungus infection.A? It is a common organism found on our nails at all times and we have it with us constantly.A? Although that is true it does not mean that we will automatically develop an infection.


Any small crack or break of the skin or mucosa will allow the fungus to invade our bodies and set up shop.A? As with the best of infections an area that is warm, dark and moist presents the perfect atmosphere for the infection to multiply. The feet present more of a problem than the finger when it comes to awareness and then treatment.A? The infected nail read more...

The Encyclopedia of Fungus Nail Infections


There are several words important to know when speaking about nail fungus infections.A? The word mycosis is used to define any disease caused by a fungus, no matter what is the site.A? The specific term for a fungus nail infection is onychomycosis a?? pronounced on-i-ko-mi-KO-sis, use it and impress your friends with the a??biga?? words.


Fungus infections of the nail, once acquired are difficult to treat and cure.A? They are also gravitate easily to other finger and toe nails. The first sign will be a red or yellow spot that emerges at the tip of the nail.A?A? Quickly there will read more...

Nail Health for Today and Tomorrow-Fungus and Other Problems